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February 2015
Inventive performers like Will Schutze and his marionette, Mr. Bonetangles, continue to entertain us on public streets...

February 2015
Veterinarian Brian King heals creatures from all walks of life

November 2014
Borboleto Audio Mastering polishes music to perfection

May 2014
May 31 & June 1-3, 5-8,  Memminger Auditorium, 56 Beaufain St. Days & times vary. $25-$65

May 2013
Musician Bill Carson is dedicating his life to the next generation

February 2014

December 2013
We’re up for a taste of Sean Brock’s Nashville, and the whole city feels like it’s smoldering with creative energy—for...

September 2013
The Charleston Academy of Music brings classical training to young students across the Lowcountry

October 2013
Running and raising funds for wounded vets and locals in need

August 2013
Head for the hills in Western North Carolina to finish off your summer with some fun new outings - plus a few old...

August 2013
As far as the independent singer-songwriter is concerned, her stint on American Idol ended on a perfect note, setting...

June 2013
Singer-songwriter Steven Fiore proves his musical chops in his debut full-length album

May 2013
They nurture and try to guide us from the moment we’re born—whether or not we heed their advice is another story.... In...

May 2013
Meet Scott Watson, the new leader of the Office of Cultural Affairs, and learn what the regime change means for banking...

Five artists who are making their mark on the Holy City

January 2013
Charleston’s economic future hangs on more than dredging silt. Let’s talk silicon, software, and more cowbell

May 2012
Enter the fantastic world of 1927's "film theater"

November 2007
Local musician, promoter, writer, and scholar Jack McCray illuminates the Charleston music scene

November 2011

November 2011
Veteran studio founder and engineer Jeff Hodges takes a high-tech, high-dollar approach to developing and producing...

November 2011

November 2011
John Mellencamp comes to town this month, bringing an innovative documentary-plus-concert concept

September 2011
An exclusive new club brings top musical acts to Charleston

August 2011
Leigh Ann & Andrew Green

May 2011
Jazz pianist Jordan Gravel self-soothes on Inner Preservation

March 2011
Woodworker Adam Crowell blends art and music with his own riff on the traditional tongue drum

March 2011
“Style is liking what you like without concession or a need to explain—period.”

November 2010
Charleston has a constantly shifting musical landscape with plenty of artists who are unafraid to stretch their...

November 2010
Check out these talented poet-musicians who’ve found success with their signature sounds in the Lowcountry and beyond