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Snack Pack

Snack Pack
May 2012
Pastry chef Jessica Grossman prepares a pocketbook-size treat for Spoleto intermission munching.

Picture this: You’re 15 minutes into ukulele wiz Jake Shimabukuro’s Cistern Yard Spoleto performance when your stomach starts to growl. It’s a common festival experience for overscheduled culturatti. Luckily, pastry chef Jessica Grossman of Jestine’s Sweet Shop has an easy fix: a soft granola bar you can make at home or pick up at the Wentworth Street bakery on your way to the show.

The chef, whose hummingbird cake and peanut butter and banana cupcakes were recently featured in the cookbook Cake Ladies: Celebrating a Southern Tradition by Jodi Rhoden, takes a down-home approach to all things sweet. “I try to conjure up great food memories for people,” Grossman says.

For a filling and fulfilling Spoleto memory, grab some old-fashioned oats, nuts, dried fruit, and Rice Krispies. “I suggest adding wheat germ for protein,” says Grossman. Lightly grease a sheet of parchment paper and drape it across a nine-inch square pan. “Leave some parchment hanging off the sides to help you remove the granola after it’s cooled,” she says.  And for additional flavor, the baker adds, “Throw in whatever you like, from chocolate chips to raisins.” Boil your mixture of honey, brown sugar, oil, and salt, then fold in dry ingredients. Pop it in your pan, allow to cool, then cut into squares. Wrap it with a bow, and you’ve got the ultimate performance enhancer.