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Dive In

Dive In
September 2012
The F&B crowd shares their surprising favorite locations for guilty pleasure fare

Boris Van Dyck
Owner of ICEBOX Bar Services
“A Charleston Beer Works burger with pimiento cheese and a pickled green tomato makes my mouth water.”

Ken Vedrinski
Chef at Trattoria Lucca
“There’s a guy who does barbecue in front of Thee Southern Belle. Now, I don’t go into Thee Southern Belle, I just go to get his beer-can chicken at 3 or 4 in the morning after I leave work, but he’s hard to find.”

Stuart Tracey
Chef at Butcher & Bee
“The queso fundido at Santi’s is awesome, authentic, and super greasy.”

Jeremiah Bacon
Chef at The Macintosh
“On Saturdays, I stop at the Exxon on Mt. Pleasant and King for a rib sandwich.”

Robert Stehling
Chef at Hominy Grill
“Years ago I used to get greasy Chinese food from Peking Gourmet on King Street. It was a hangover helper.”

Daniel Doyle
Chef at Poogan’s Porch
“I like the spicy ‘Screamin’ Demon’ sub at Bubba Slye’s Deli because it reminds me of my college days. My buddy was a delivery guy there, and we’d order late night.”

Josh Keeler
Chef at Two Boroughs Larder
“The wings at Home Team BBQ are pretty awesome. They’re dry rubbed with buttermilk dressing. You just need that and a painkiller cocktail.”

John Ondo
Chef at Lana
Santi’s caldo de res is the national dish of Mexico—a stew of squash, beef, zucchini, corn, and onion. And, oh my God! It’s tender deliciousness with a Victoria, no lime.”

Nate Thurston
Chef at Stars Grill Room & Rooftop Bar
“Fried chicken with hot sauce from JB’s Smokeshack on John’s Island is the best.”

Michelle Weaver
Chef at Charleston Grill
“The ‘Lucky #1 Sub’ made with barbecued pork belly, kimchi, wasabi mayo, and sweet chili sauce at the Tattooed Moose is one of my favorites, especially with duck fat fries and an ice-cold High Life. Pure heaven.”

Craig Deihl
Chef at Cypress
“I like to sit down at Moe’s Crosstown for ‘Moe’s Big Breakfast’—three eggs, sausage links, bacon, and grits with a Kahlua and coffee.”