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Season a Cast Iron Skillet

Season a Cast Iron Skillet
January 2013
As any Southerner will tell you, true Dixie cooking is done with cast iron. But woe to he who mistreats this often-heirloom houseware.

Charleston Cooks! instructor chef Danielle Wecksler dishes out the ways to properly season and clean your skillet—and no, you can’t use a dishwasher!

❶ Scrub the skillet with steel wool to remove any rust.
❷ Wash quickly with a dime-size drop of soap and water or put kosher salt in the pan, cut a lemon in half, and use it like a sponge to scrub the salt into the pan.
❸ Dry well and place the skillet on the stove over low heat to make sure all moisture evaporates.
❹ Let it cool. Take canola or vegetable oil (no animal fat or olive oil) and, using a paper towel, coat the whole pan with a light layer.
❺ Place the skillet in an oven at 200°F to 300°F. Let it bake for two to three hours.
Repeat steps four and five at least two more times.
❻ After cooking, wipe out any extra oils or food. Use a little soap and water to quickly clean the skillet, then dry it thoroughly. Put on another coat of canola or vegetable oil, and let the pan sit until the next use.