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Proud Marys

Proud Marys
October 2013
In a town that loves to brunch, Bloody Marys are ubiquitous. Here are a few favorites  

1. Tabbuli
{The Ultimate Bloody Mary}
Concocted with its signature house-made mix and blended with your choice of bacon-, cucumber-, pepper-, or habanero-infused vodkas, Tabbuli calls its cocktail “The Ultimate Bloody Mary” for a reason. Nosh on the elaborate “Tabbuli Skewer”—a garnish of tomato, cucumber, pepperoncini, home fries, black and green olives, a thick slice of bacon, and a falafel—it’s practically a meal in itself. 6 N. Market St., (843) 628-5959,





2. CO
{Sriracha Mary}
If you like your Marys with a fiery kick and a unique Asian spin, then CO’s Sriracha Bloody Mary will do the trick. Its in-house recipe uses tomato and Clamato juices, Sriracha, hoisin, fresh lemon juice, salt, and pepper for one hot shot. 340 King St., (843) 720-3631,

3. Eli’s Table
{Iber en Fuego}
Eli’s handcrafted Bloody Maria is a testament to the fact that tequila and tomato juice are a match made in cocktail heaven. Inspired by a love of Mexican cuisine, Eli’s uses house-made yellow heirloom mix but blends it with Don Julio Anejo Tequila, muddled cilantro, pico de gallo, and a tomatillo-salsa float to give it an authentic Latin flare. A jumbo prawn garnish means this Bloody comes with its own snack après sip. 129 Meeting St., (843) 405-5115,




4. The Grocery
{Charred Tomato & Svedka Bloody Mary}
“If we can’t find something that tastes the way we want it to, we just make it ourselves,” says Hallie Arnold, head bartender at The Grocery. To that end, she’s crafted her own recipe using charred tomato purée with whole fresh horseradish, celery seed, pepper, and more. This tall mix stands up to the star of the drink—chef Kevin Johnson’s pickled green tomato. It has the perfect balance of vinegar and sweetness, so skip the lemon and lime and ask for double the toms. 4 Cannon St., (843) 302-8825,





5. Husk
{Bloody Mary}
Incorporating a list of more than 30 ingredients, Husk’s Bloody Mary is undeniably impressive. Garnished with shaved country ham; house-made hot sauce; bourbon-smoked pepper; and a rotating pickled green tomato, dilly bean, or bread-and-butter pickle, this beverage lives up to Husk’s hype. 76 Queen St.,  (843) 577-2500,

6. Básico
{Bloodless Mary}
As a newcomer to Charleston’s cuisine scene, Básico refutes the notion that a Mary can’t be a refreshing pool-side pleasure. Paired with Herradura tequila, this tomato-water Bloodless Mary is a fresh and light change to the traditional thick mix. Served outside in craft-aluminum to Mixson members (or to the bar-going public in Mason jars) and with a garnish that’s a work of art in its own right, this pretty cocktail is delightful in looks and taste. 4399 McCarthy St., North Charleston; (843) 471-1670;




7. Moe’s Crosstown Tavern 
{Moe Hot Bloody Mary}
Although Moe’s is an often-under-the-radar gem, this family-friendly sports-meets-dive bar kicks it up a notch with its Moe Hot Sauce, a house-made blend that’s available to add to a Bloody to make it hot or not. The aforementioned includes a mix of Cajun spice, ghost pepper powder, roasted habaneros, and cayenne and is made with the vodka of your choice, including Chilled Dills Pickle Vodka. It’s garnished with a pickled pepperoncini, and served in an Old Bay-rimmed glass. 714 Rutledge Ave., (843) 641-0469,

8. Locklear’s Low Country Grill
{Locklear's Low Country Bloody
Mary (B.Y.O.B.)} B.Y.O.B. would certainly be counter-productive for a bar—unless it meant “build your own Bloody.” Make yours by choosing among house, Effen Cucumber, Absolut Peppar, or Bakon vodka, as well as three different mixes, including a Locklear’s original, then finish it off with your favorite garnish. Too many options? Get the house-made mix with Effen Cucumber to rein in the spice but give it a bright taste. Add a splash of the South with a pickled okra garnish, and you’ve got yourself a thing of beauty. 320 West Coleman Blvd., Mount Pleasant; (843) 884-3346;

9. Old Village Post House
{Maverick Mary}
In real estate it’s all about location, location, location, and that holds true for this Mary, too—it’s homegrown to the core. Served up at this one-time-rest-stop-turned-restaurant, the blend—Maverick Private Label liquors and a killer house-made mix that’s added to a secret “splash of the Old Village”—isn’t afraid of packing a little punch. The signature Maverick Mary contains Maverick Jalapeño Vodka and pairs best with the Croque Madame for brunch. 101 Pitt St., Mount Pleasant; (843) 388-8935;