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July 2021
Meet the owners who relocated its headquarters to North Charleston and expanded their offerings

September 2019
Maria White crafts stunning abstract ceramic art 

July 2019
Forget the beach: One Daniel Island family—and their steady stream of visitors—soaks up summer fun at home along the...

February 2019
Susan Gregory moves from clay to wax, practicality to politics

February 2017
Every day is dish duty for ceramicist Grace Jennings

August 2017
Grilled peaches and French wine on stone patios, cool mist from a 75-foot waterfall, and shopping for cashmere sweaters...

July 2016
Tapping into the design-minded consumer’s shift toward fewer, higher-quality things, The Commons finds success with its...

May 2016
Expert advice on food styling to use at your next summertime soiree

June 2015
Whether creating fine art sculptures or in-demand tableware, Fiorenzo Berardozzi trusts in the beauty of wabi sabi  

Bette Mueller-Roemer puts decades of ceramics study to work in her vibrant raku pottery

August 2013
Head for the hills in Western North Carolina to finish off your summer with some fun new outings - plus a few old...

May 2012
Call it a cluster, a corridor, or whatever you want—the creative spirit in Charleston is reshaping our economy and even...

January 2012
A dig along the Ashley River reveals one of our state’s earliest known English settlements

May 2011

January 2011
This month at New York’s Park Avenue Armory, 70 pieces of Charleston’s past—from centuries-old furniture, paintings,...

August 2010
Charleston is brimming with ways to appreciate our lively local arts scene—not to mention opportunities to make our own...

December 2008
Lisa Shimko’s fresh production serves up a sustainable message