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Kinsey Gidick

February 2022
How local food and beverage pros are working through the many challenges, and what you can do to help

May 2020
Teddy Spaghetti was inspired by Dottie's grandson

March 2020
A boiled peanut convert’s ode to Charleston’s culinary treasures

February 2020
After years of catching a diverse array of fish for the city’s finest restaurants, the sustainable seafood champion is...

November 2019
The Jordans designed their RIGWA bowls to keep food at just the right temperature

September 2019
Flowershop’s sweet little luxuries

July 2019
Heatworks’ Tetra dishwasher might just revolutionize the way we do dishes

July 2019
A paint guide to Charleston’s quintessential hues

June 2019
Luke Meier talks ocean rescue on Charleston’s barrier islands

April 2019
In Hotbox, Lowcountry authors Matt Lee and Ted Lee explore the nitty-gritty world of catering

March 2019
Chef couple Jill Mathias and Juan Casselett enjoy a straightforward style of cooking, whether for a party or party of...

March 2019
Edisto Island Open Land Trust takes on the restoration of the Reconstruction-era Hutchinson House

February 2019
An alphabetical look at the Holy City's spirit world

February 2019
The Charleston food and beverage community prepares and serves the city’s most romantic meals. But where do they go for...

February 2019
The Lee brothers curate a bold lineup for the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition kitchen stage

February 2019
Lil Bit Lit publishing company lights up kids’ imaginations

February 2019
For Kevin Mitchell, there’s so much to learn—and teach—about black cooks’ contributions to Southern foodways

January 2019
Straford Brown makes the most important meal of the day count at homeless shelter One80 Place

December 2018
Treat your friends and family to a taste of the Lowcountry with these 190-plus locally made food products

December 2018
This season, simplify entertaining with these convenient cook-at-home casseroles

December 2018
The founder of Kwei Fei—pop-up phenom-turned brick-and-mortar—dishes on developing Charleston’s Sichuan palate

December 2018
Vinaigrette visionary Melissa Ann Barton, aka Mod Squad Martha, makes a holiday meal worth celebrating

December 2018
Cougar Night Lights returns with even more holiday fun

November 2018
Special Advertising Section

November 2018
At Brian Altman’s Baker & the Farmer, pastry chef Claire Aitken blends creamy and crunchy for a home-run holiday...

October 2018
Delving into the mystery of the Lamboll Street guineas

September 2018
Recognizing the makings of a truly luxe life in the Lowcountry

September 2018
This month, the South Carolina Historical Society welcomes visitors to a brand-new museum

August 2018
Jeremy Tunstill serves monthly cafeteria menus with a side of humor 

November 2011
Mercato executive chef Ben Ellsworth shares a healthier holiday sweet