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courtesy of the Charleston Museum

April 2022
See more images in “Charleston in Sports: A Photographic History, 1890s-1960s” on view in the Lowcountry Image Gallery...

January 2022
“A Winter Wonderland in Color: Snow Scenes of Charleston” showcases colorized historical images using AI technology

December 2021
The severe winter weather event brough four inches of snow to Charleston and reported temperatures of 7°F

October 2021
Learn about his legacy as one of South Carolina’s most dedicated history-keepers

July 2021

January 2021
Once on the outskirts of town, a building at the intersection of Calhoun is now part of the urban core

October 2020
A century ago, Laura Bragg became the first woman in the nation to lead a publicly funded history museum

September 2020
JFK had a fling with a suspected spy there

September 2020
The tornadoes tore through Charleston in September 1938