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Southern Dee-light

Southern Dee-light
November 2010
Hubee D’s serves up fast and fresh down-home eats West of the Ashley

It didn’t take long for word to spread that some mighty fine chicken was keeping company with Savannah Highway’s Coburg cow. Hubee D’s opened in August, offering from-scratch Lowcountry cuisine—including hickory-smoked wings and tenders marinated in buttermilk. The family-friendly menu includes fresh-cut nuggets for the small fries, beer and wine for adults, boiled peanuts for snacking, and sophisticated salads for those being virtuous—or saving room for fried banana pudding.

“We wanted to create an atmosphere reminiscent of a 1950s Southern country store where you’d have a simple but memorable meal,” says restaurant cofounder Dana Sinkler. And the funky moniker? Hubee is the name of business partner John Ferguson’s ’64 Studebaker truck, the eatery’s mascot, and D stands for Dana’s “deelicious” family recipes.

Local architect Reggie Gibson designed the interior, bringing in craftsman Franz Baichel for the rough-hewn booths and David Boatwright for the mural of an old roadside store. Gil Shuler created a bold logo and vintage visuals for the signage. “We were adamant about using area professionals to bring this restaurant to life,” notes Ferguson. And we’re betting the homemade results make Hubee D’s a hometown landmark.

975 Savannah Hwy.,
(843) 556-0330,