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Range Rovers

Range Rovers
November 2017

A little traffic can’t stop the James Island Cowboys from saddling up

Dexter Flynn (right) and Desmond Green (left)

Dexter Flynn and his nephew, Desmond Green, have inspired many a double-take, riding horseback up Folly Road, moseying into fast-food drive-throughs, reining in Baby Girl and Fancy for photos with strangers. This summer, fan Phoebe Huff created a Facebook page for the “James Island Cowboys,” and now, they’re connecting even more closely with the community.

When did you begin riding horses?
Dexter Flynn​:
I started out on James Island, where I was born, when I was about eight. Back then, you could count the cars coming down the street. I got out of the habit of riding when I began working, but while I was watching a cowboy movie almost 20 years ago, I decided I was going to get another horse.
Desmond Green​: I started riding before I could walk or talk. I grew up on a small farm in Parker’s Ferry, and we had horses.

Fancy and Baby Girl don’t mind the traffic?
Desmond Green​:
No, but it took about three months to break them in. Now they love it; they’re attention hounds and want to go wherever they see a crowd.

You mostly ride on weekends—where do you like to go?
Dexter Flynn​:
You can find us on Folly Road from Walmart to just past Huff’s Seafood. Sometimes we ride on Riverland Drive to visit Desmond’s father and will go as far as Sol Legare Road.

How did you get more involved with the community?
Desmond Green​:
We were invited to the Town Market on James Island and have been going most Saturdays since July so kids can ride the horses. We wanted to give back to kids in need, so Phoebe and our friend Jen Feavel helped us do a school-supply fundraiser in August—it was the first of many to come. And we’re planning to get involved with The Village mentorship program.

What’s the best part of interacting with the community?
Desmond Green​:
Seeing the kids’ eyes light up. I grew up with horses, and my children have, too. I didn’t realize that not all kids have that opportunity, and I love the feeling of doing something for them.

About Dexter: He is a truck driver who resides on James Island; he has three sons and one daughter.
On Desmond: He makes his home in North Charleston, working as a welder and creating custom steel furniture under the name Appaloosa Fabrications. He’s father to four daughters and one son.
Favorite source for cowboy gear: Truck stops
When they aren’t riding: “We both enjoy fishing and hunting,” Dexter says.
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