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Pack Like A Pro

Pack Like A Pro
August 2013
It's August, which means back-to-school time! But what to pack for lunch? Here, three food and beverage veterans tell us what they put in their little pupils' pails

John Haire, Nick’s Bar-B-Q owner,
Lily {age 14} and Jake {age 10}
“We try to make their lunches balanced and healthy, with a little bit of fun thrown in.”
Lunch: Lily gets cold pasta salad with vegetables and chicken, carrot sticks, fresh fruit, and a bottle of lemonade. Jake gets a Fluffer Nutter sandwich, fresh green beans, organic chips, and a homemade cookie.

Ryner Burg, Hello My Name is BBQ owner, Emerson {age 11} and Cassius {age 8}
“Both of our children are gluten free and extremely picky! Mornings are tough.”
For Emerson, it’s Claussen pickles, mandarin oranges, a CSA-sourced salad, yogurt, and granola. Cassius has fresh fruit, a juice box, and a sandwich with Nutella, banana, and flax seed.

Claire Chapman, Peninsula Grill executive pastry chef, Chloe {age 5}
“We fulfill Chloe’s sweets love with fresh fruit.”
Green apples, strawberries, cucumber sticks, grapes, cheddar cut into sticks, rolls of ham or salami, and cottage cheese with olives