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June New & Notable

June New & Notable
June 2016
Our taste-and-tell guide to some of the latest food and beverage openings in Charleston

Little Jack’s Tavern
The walk from Leon’s Oyster Shop to Brooks Reitz and Tim Mink’s most recent venture may only span a block, but the two locales don’t seem to share much else. Maybe the classic Little Jack’s is where Leon’s hipsters head after shaving—or when they simply want a good piece of red meat and a dry martini. Reitz and Mink took time to research the perfect tavern: records show them noshing at Big Apple mainstays like P.J. Clarke’s (perhaps their fictional 1940s boxer, “Little Jack,” dined there with Sinatra before resettling on King). Reitz also added a few personal décor touches, nodding to an old Indiana kennel club where he often ate with his grandmother. It all contributes to a dining experience that feels rather timeless—and chef John Amato’s fare follows suit. Our advice? Go for the Tavern Burger and stay for the rice pudding; the knowledgable barkeeps will keep your glass full.

Harold’s Cabin
At press time, Harold’s Cabin’s opening hours are still a little wonky: Wednesday through Sunday, 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. But for those who have long-awaited this Westside eatery spearheaded by John Schumacher with partners Bill Murray (yes, that Bill Murray) and Mike Veeck, breakfast and an early lunch will surely do, especially when the rustic, veggie-forward fare from chef Justin Pfau is so darn tasty. Start with the “Forage Board,” a colorful assortment of roasted, pickled, pureed, and tempura-fried roots, shoots, and more. As for the interiors, well, “Cabin” is an apt name: one step inside and you might think you’ve wandered into a chalet in the Adirondacks—or onto a Wes Anderson movie set (picture-perfect tchotchkes adorn every nook and cranny, and there is that Murray connection, after all). Snag a chance seat at the tiny bar, and don’t forget to take a spin around—there’s a lot to see and savor.