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Flower Power

Flower Power
Coming from a family of avid gardeners, FIG beverage director and recently named James Beard Outstanding Wine Program semifinalist David McCarus knows flowers almost as well as he knows wine. Here, he shares his favorite floral vintages

Under $20

La Spinetta Vermentino, Italy, 2011
“This is the perfect wine for drinking on the porch with a friend. The vermentino grape is waxy, yet aromatic with floral notes of chamomile and sunflower. It pairs well with vegetable and seafood dishes but can easily be enjoyed on its own.” Available at Bottles, $19.99

$20 - $49

Melville ‘Verna’s Vineyard’ Viognier, Los Alamos, Santa Barbara County, California, 2012
“This wine is more weighty and structured, yet still easy to drink. I love it for its scent—the wildflower and beeswax combination reminds me of springtime walks through my grandfather’s garden in Roanoke, Virginia.” Available at Bottles, $28.99

$50 and up

Pierre Peters ‘Cuvee de Reserve’ Blanc de Blancs Champagne, Brut MV Champagne, France
“Grower Champagne is a personal favorite for its high quality and organic flavor. This multi-vintage blanc de blancs combines the 2008 through 2010 vintages, creating a versatile, medium-bodied Champagne. It’s a blend of salinity and floral freshness—almost like growing flowers in oyster shells.” Available at The Wine Shop of Charleston, $59.99