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39 Rue de Jean & Poe's Tavern

39 Rue de Jean & Poe's Tavern
November 2010
Burger & Fries

Upscale: 39 Rue de Jean
Down-home: Poe's Tavern

Perfect patties result when the beef is ground in-house (allowing customers to order their desired doneness). At 39 Rue de Jean, the Brasserie Burger—10 ounces of prime beef with Roquefort, Gruyère, or cheddar—is a dressed-up bistro plate that pairs nicely with a glass of wine. If you’re more the beer and burger type, Poe’s delivers its half-pounder with a slew of topping options, from pimiento or sweet-pepper goat cheese to a crab cake or fried egg. 39 Rue de Jean: 39 John St., (843) 722-8881,; Poe’s Tavern: 2210 Middle St., Sullivan’s Island, (843) 883-0083,