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Southern View

April 2024
Get a short history on the neighborhood and how its evolving

April 2023
A beloved children’s Easter story, birthed in Charleston nearly a century ago, tells a most powerful tale 

May 2022
An avowed arts enthusiast goes to Monster Jam

April 2021
A writer ponders what gets passed down, both the tangible and intangible elements of style

March 2021
Exploring a pandemic silver lining: fewer cars on the roads gave more opportunity to safely walk and bike through the...

February 2021
While bemoaning the loss of this year’s DockDogs event, one Charlestonian amuses herself with memories of canines past...

December 2020
It’s always there, just waiting to be activated

July 2020
Coastal Community Foundation President and CEO Darrin Goss questions this aspirational slogan and discusses what’s...

May 2020
A writer reconsiders the meaning of “home” during the COVID-19 crisis

April 2020
A Charleston-born historian on accelerating into the city’s future

March 2020
A boiled peanut convert’s ode to Charleston’s culinary treasures

February 2020
One local businesswoman’s ambitious dating challenge

November 2019
A tribute to the Charleston-born and -bred best-selling novelist who died in September

July 2019
Crepe myrtles save the day, just in bloomin’ time

November 2018
How Pat Conroy revealed the wonder of the Lowcountry, and made one local fear losing it

September 2018
Recognizing the makings of a truly luxe life in the Lowcountry

August 2018
Pondering the upsides of steamy August—like boredom...and bingo

May 2018
Some humorous advice for soon-to-be college grads

September 2017
A perch for pondering life lessons and time well spent 

July 2017
One working mom pushes back against forever-changing design trends

June 2017
Confessions of a shark’s-teeth hunter

February 2017
The woes of being pregnant in a food town

January 2017
One woman’s attempt to balance a life well lived with, well, living

December 2016
In the cool clarity of winter, one writer contemplates the advantages of approaching his “Golden Years”

September 2016
A Big Apple transplant reflects on the luxury of small-city living in her new Southern home

August 2016
A longtime resident ponders the natural blessings bestowed upon us

May 2016
A novelist from off (but not too far off) visits the Holy City to soak in its character and creative culture

November 2015
A Charleston native reflects on the evolution of local philanthropy