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Edamame Hummus

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1 (16 oz.) bag frozen shelled edamame, thawed
2 Tbs. gluten-free soy sauce
1½ Tbs. minced ginger
2 Tbs. olive oil
1 Tbs. sesame oil
1/2 Tbs. coconut palm sugar
1½ cups raw baby spinach
Kosher salt and black pepper
1 Tbs. sesame seeds


Place the first six ingredients in a food processor and process until they are well incorporated and the hummus has a fairly smooth consistency. (If you prefer a chunkier texture, reserve a small handful of whole edamame and stir in after processing.) Season with salt and pepper to taste. Sprinkle sesame seeds on top and serve slightly chilled with crudité or pita chips. In a tightly covered container, the hummus will keep in the refrigerator for up to a week