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Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

May 2019
Magnolia Plantation & Gardens will bloom in DC this summer

April 2014

March 2014
Each spring, azalea blooms turn the Lowcountry landscape into a kaleidoscope of pink, red, purple, magenta, and white....

February 2013
Restoring the historic camellias of Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

April 2011
Secession, slavery, states’ rights. Flag controversies, reenactments, monuments. The Civil War conjures ghosts and...

April 2011
Local horticulturists and volunteers gear up to save a national treasure

April 2010
Remembrances from a year spent gathering and arranging the floral bounty of Lowcountry gardens—adapted from Southern...

December 2009
Gift yourself some together time during a leisurely pedal at Magnolia Plantation