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December 2022
Before Sullivan’s Island, the tiny town of Moultieville, incorporated in December in 1817, offered a respite from heat...

November 2022
In November 1865, 52 Black men met at Zion Church to combat the state’s proposed black codes

October 2022
Businessman Jack Dobbins was found dead after a night of partying in what the press called “The Candlestick Murder”

September 2022
A brief hisotry of jazz pianist and songwriter Tom Delaney

July 2022
Read about the history of the pier and get an update on current construction

May 2022
Find out how one of the trailblazers gave back to her community

April 2022
Colonial Lake has been designated for public use and recreation since the British ruled Charleston

March 2022
Learn the projects the Garden Club of Charleston has helped plant

January 2022
How the late coach's son is continuing his legacy today

January 2022
This year, for the first time, the parade ended at the International African American Museum

October 2021
The series will get a new audience when it airs on Amazon Prime

September 2021
Ed Smalls’s Smalls Paradise was known for late nights and welcoming integrated audiences

August 2021
Robert Purvis dedicated his life to ending slavery and defending human rights

July 2021
Exhibitions of her work are spread from the Gibbes Museum of Art to Middleton Place and the Edmondston-Alston House

June 2021
And how Charleston influenced Tales of the City

April 2021
The confection inspired a novel and an early sweet trend

January 2021
The cornerstone was laid in January 1840

December 2020
Learn the trailblazing story of Elizabeth Timothy

November 2020
Mayor John Patrick Grace’s narrow victory signaled a change in power in the city