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The new HAH app makes parking in downtown Charleston a snap

The new HAH app makes parking in downtown Charleston a snap
November 2019

The app connects drivers with private property owners with parking spaces to rent

HAH parking signs with the green Parker caterpillar mark private parking spaces available via the new app.

Next time you’re circling around downtown streets and can’t find a place to park, look for Parker. He’s the cute green caterpillar popping up on signs that indicate more than 3,000 privately owned spaces—many near MUSC and College of Charleston, where there’s high demand—available via the new HAH Parking app.

HAH—which stands for How About Here?—was created by two Charleston brothers, Rocky and Victor Vitali. They share a broad vision: to make your day a little less stressful and to help make the air a little cleaner. “Parking inefficiencies waste time and money,” Rocky says. “We said, ‘Let’s solve that.’”

The process is simple: Download the app, select your location and duration, and pay. You can reserve your spot before you leave the house. Prices are set by property owners and informed by market data collected by HAH. Expect to pay about $5 to $15 a day in an unpaved lot and $16 to $20 a day in a garage. “HAH’s job is to make parking an afterthought,” Rocky says.