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Style Q&A - Jessica Morse

Style Q&A - Jessica Morse
August 2019

The fresh-faced influencer behind the popular Bare Beauty blog and cofounder of natural nail salon The Water Room shares her organic journey to clean living

(Left) Jessica Morse; (right) The Water Room offers nontoxic nail services in the Cigar Factory.

Q. What inspired you to create The Water Room?
After visiting NYC’s nontoxic nail care pioneer tenoverten about seven years ago, I knew I wanted to bring something similar to Charleston.

Q. Tell us about your hair care must-have.
Rahua’s Color Full shampoo and conditioner have holy grail status for me. They maintain vibrant hair color without any nasty chemicals.

Q. Describe your makeup routine.
I’m a product junkie, but I move quickly and only use a bit of each. Kosas’ “Longitude Zero” blush is a dead ringer for NARS “Orgasm,” minus the tacky sparkles and Triclosan.

Q. As a busy mom of two, do you have a go-to outfit?
In the warmer months, I wear lots of dresses, which require less effort but still look pulled together. Reformation (above) is a top choice for evironmentally friendly fashion.

Q. How do you ensure a good night’s rest?
I get my best sleep after a hot Pursoma Bath Soak, or I’ll use aromatherapy oils and breathing exercises.

Q. Does your clean-living philosophy carry over to your home decor?
My prized pieces are antique or vintage—it doesn’t get more eco-friendly than that! To maintain good air quality, I use natural fibers and house plants that I usually buy from Hægur.

Q. What’s your favorite UV protection?
Chemical sunscreens wreak havoc on hormones and are annihilating our reefs.
Babo Botanicals, Suntegrity, and Beautycounter make great nontoxic options.

Q. Which restaurants do you frequent?
Basic Kitchen (above), Butcher & Bee, The Harbinger, and Huriyali have delicious, clean food. I’m also often at The Ordinary.


Photographs by (Morse) Corey Tenold Photography, (The Water Room) Taylor Jarvis, & courtesy of (shampoo) Rahua, (dress) Reformation, (bath soak) Pursoma, (blush) Courtney Parker PR, & (sunscreen) Suntegrity & Babo Botanicals