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Style Q&A: David Dumas

Style Q&A: David Dumas
December 2017

Catching up with the well-dressed owner of M. Dumas & Sons as the men’s clothing store rounds out its 100th year in business

David Dumas, whose family business, Dumas & Sons, opened in Charleston in 1917

Q What’s new and exciting for the store?
After completing an incredible renovation two years ago, we recently opened a shoe department and now have the best assortment of men’s shoes in the state. We’re also launching a number of new brands, including L.B.M. 1911, Eleventy, and Hackett.

Q What are your winter travel plans?
I’d like to go somewhere tropical like Bora Bora, as well as New York City, which I’ve always loved in the wintertime since we don’t get much snow around here.

Q Who’s a go-to for grooming products?
I love the new items we’ve brought in from the North Carolina-based Fulton & Roark. Their solid cologne comes in a metal container that’s easy to travel with, which is really unique.

Q Favorite cool-weather shoes?
I pretty much stick with my Ferragamo loafers year round, but I am fond of the new boots from Alden, whose insoles are made of a very breathable and comfortable natural leather that conforms to your foot.

Q Do you have a signature accessory?
I never leave the house without my dad’s Cartier watch. Before he died, he gave it to my mom to wear, and she gave it to me before she passed. It’s very special.

Q Must-have brand for button-ups?
Eton shirts stay looking great while you wear them—the collars stand up well, the fabric is wrinkle resistant, and the patterns are sharp.


Photographs courtesy of (David Dumas, store, & watch) M. Dumas & Sons, (shirt) Eton, & (solid cologne) Fulton & Roark