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Style Q & A: Erik Holmberg

Style Q & A: Erik Holmberg
October 2017

The founder of J. Stark paused from crafting leather accessories and running his retail space at 208 Coming Street to share a glimpse into his personal style

(Left) Erik Holmberg; (right) J. Stark bags at the Coming Street shop

Q Tell us about your shop.
After Hurricane Matthew flooded our old workshop, we found this place. It’s incredible, with two walls of windows overlooking Cannon and Coming streets. I truly believe this area will be the next must-visit shopping district of Charleston.

Q Favorite cool-weather shoes?
Red Wing’s “1907 Boot.” In a beautiful distressed leather, it’s comfortable out of the box and has a replaceable sole.

Q Who are some local makers you love?
The Contents Co. by Beau Burdette—the “Salvia” candle is my favorite, and they make a great solid cologne, too. I’m also a fan of YESAND by Joel Sadler, as well as Naked Eyes Jewelry by Emily Hill and Alex Klae.

Q You’re big on cycling, right?
Yes, there is a feeling of freedom and nostalgia to riding a bike. When I lived downtown, I rode all over the city on my Pure Fix single-gear, but now that I’m in West Ashley, there isn’t a safe way to get into the city.

Q How do you spend your free time?
Exploring near and far with my business and life partner, Jess Nicoles, and our black-and-tan coonhound, Crockett

Q What accessory do you consider most essential?
I never leave the house without my Shinola Runwell 41mm (right) or Timex military watch. I feel naked if I’m not wearing one of them.

Q Most-worn piece in your fall wardrobe?
Freenote Cloth’s “Portola Jean,” which is American-made from hardware to thread to denim fabric


Photographs by (headshot) Gately Williams & (J. Stark shop) Elizabeth Ervin & courtesy of (watch) Shinola, (jeans) Freenote Cloth, (candle) The Contents Co., & (boot) Red Wing