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Scary Good

Scary Good
October 2013
Need decorations and dessert for your Halloween fête? These spooky treats do double duty and look as good as they taste

1. Frankenstein Mega & Regular Cupcake

Who knew Dr. Frankenstein could bake? This gigantic fudgy chocolate cupcake reminiscent of the mismatched monster won’t have you running for the hills, but instead, straight into Cupcake. Grab a regular size cupcake for your favorite trick-or-treater. Cupcake, 433 King St., (843) 853-8181,

2. Mice Witch Cookies

Don’t shoo these mice out of the kitchen. With thinly sliced almond ears, licorice tails, witch hats, and a plump chocolate cocoa bodies, they’re almost too cute to eat. Bakehouse Charleston, 160 East Bay St., (843) 577-2180,


Gummy Skull
Nearly five inches thick and weighing a hefty six pounds, this massive green gummy skull makes a cool—and edible—party table centerpiece. Robot & Co.; 644 Long Point Rd., Mount Pleasant; (843) 580-4386;


Spooky Sugar Cookies
Featuring intricate spider web, cat, and pumpkin designs, these sugar cookies are a fun snack that kids will especially love. Snag a few as a guilty pleasure or buy a dozen to share. Sugar Bakeshop, 59½ Cannon St., (843) 579-2891,


Jack Skellington Cake
This creepy cake was taken straight out of Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas. With Jack’s skeleton face and gaping black eyes, a witch’s hat, and tiny jack-o’-lanterns, this culinary confection is as fun to look at as it is to eat. Whisk Bakery & Café, 209 Meeting St., (843) 628-5954,

White Chocolate Skull
Given how anatomically correct and hauntingly realistic this white chocolate skull is, it might be hard to take a bite. But do! Pastry chef Christophe Paume’s morbid masterpiece is spookily scrumptious. Christophe Artisan Chocolatier-Pâtissier, 90 Society St., (843) 297-8674,

Eyeball Cupcakes & Gravestone cookies
The enticing chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry cakes topped with vanilla buttercream icing are hard to resist, but if you can, don’t miss the gravestone sugar cookies. Amelia Claire’s, 1804 Meadowlawn Dr., (843) 225-2253,