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Sarah Frick's must-have fitness gear to kick off the New Year

Sarah Frick's must-have fitness gear to kick off the New Year
January 2020

Plus, The Works founder shares a favorite healthy recipe

Q What’s the most effective item in your beauty regimen?
Obagi Professional-C Serum has changed my skin. I spent some serious hours in the sunshine growing up on the water, and now have babies who are growing up on the water; this serum has erased years of brown spots off my skin!

Q Is there any fitness gear you couldn’t live without?
Music! My whole life is to a beat. You will always see me singing or making playlists, so Apple AirPods are a great accessory for me. My Chance the Rapper Spotify playlist is on repeat right now. I love that dude!

Q Your favorite sneakers?
My favorite kick-around tennis shoes are old-school Nikes. For workouts, I like On Clouds.

Q What do you pack in your workout bag?
So many things—probably six changes of clothes (no joke), socks, Sakara bars, Hiball sparkling energy water, a bluetooth speaker, a cropped hoodie, sneakers, makeup, and probably a diaper or two for my twins. I’m obsessed with my Ragdoll bag, because it is so massive, and I can fit a week’s worth of outfits in it!

Q Share your best secret for starting off the New Year.
Stop making excuses. Seriously—just do it! No one else is going to do it for you.

Heroine Sport Body bra and Alo leggings

Q Which fitness brands do you prefer?
I love Alo for clothing. For sports bras, I like anything with skinny straps and a fun back. Alo and Heroine Sport both make great bras.

Q Can you share a go-to healthy recipe with us?
I make my own Gatorade. Grab a big Mason jar, slice a lemon, add some agave, water, and finish with cayenne pepper. It’s my favorite way to stay hydrated, and it’s sweet and spicy!


Photographs by (Frick) Taylor Jarvis & (studio) Alice Keeney & Courtesy of (bag) Ragdoll LA, (snack bar) Sakara Life, (serum) Obagi, (leggings) Alo, (Sports Bra) Heroine Sport, & (shoes) ON