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Odes to the Lowcountry

Odes to the Lowcountry
January 2010

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Noted local authors, writers, novelists, and poets share their personal reflections on this place we love to call home, expounding upon every thing from shrimp and muscadine vines to backcountry roads and voodoo

Boiled Peanuts

By Bessie Gantt

The true power of the humble snack food

Life by Tides

By Sandy Lang

Paying attention to the rise and fall, and to what the water brings


By Jack A. McCray

The protocol and improvisation of being Charleston

The Friendliest City

By Marjory Wentworth

A storyteller’s welcome home

Broken Doorbells

By Nathalie Dupree

Crossing the threshold of modern etiquette

Secret Places

By Stephanie Hunt

Finding wonder and welcome in Charleston’s hidden alleys

Hoodoo, Herbs, & Horns

By Roger Pinckney

Don’t matter how you preserve the Lowcountry, so long as you get it done

Backcountry Roads

By Peter Wentworth

A unique perspective on the Lowcountry’s rural character

A Sensory Feast

By Barbara G.S. Hagerty

The indoctrination of a Lowcountry voluptuary


By William P. Baldwin

Books I wish I’d written, and how Pat Conroy got there first

The Charleston Accent

By Jonathan Sanchez

An appreciation for our wonderfully strange and unique native tongue


By Melissa Bigner

The joy of being washed awake by a Charleston downpour


By Josephine Humphreys

Heady, sweet memories plucked from the vine

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The noted authors, writers, and poets who penned our feature "Odes to the Lowcountry"