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Norton & Hodges' Suzette Bussey has a flair for the dramatic

Norton & Hodges' Suzette Bussey has a flair for the dramatic
February 2020

The accessories designer is hosting SEWE's Birds of a Feather Brunch

You could say this Pennsylvannia native has a flair for the dramatic. The designer, who launched her luxury accessories line, Norton and Hodges, in 2012 after a life-changing trip to Southern Africa, is showcasing her statement-making styles as the host of this year's Birds of a Feather Ladies Brunch during the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition. We caught up with Bussey to chat about the inspiration for her latest collection and the trends she's eyeing for spring

“I’m a big believer in you wearing the clothes, not the other way around; I like my choices to reflect my personality and lifestyle.”

Q Any other plans for new products this spring?
Oh, yes! This is the first year we’ll have a full line of spring bags, hats, and our fur-adorned ”Cape Plakkie“ sandals. And we have a fabulous ”Seychelles Bib” necklace that just launched.

Q Which spring trend are you most excited about?
I’m excited to see feathers popping up on the runway. I think they're feminine, light, romantic, airy, and add incredible flair. I love the movement they add to any design. Zebra prints, embroidered matador jackets, brocades, taffeta, polka dots—it’s pure fantasy and takes my breath away. I love Valentino (left) for spring.

Q What’s your must-have for a long flight?
I will not get on a plane unless I have Gülsha Ultimate Rosewater spray for my face. It keeps my skin hydrated; I love the scent and how it kills other odors in the cabin.

Q Tell us about the new collection of “Bee Eater” clutches.
They’re part of our first resort and spring/summer collection, which is about personal expression and color. Named for the Carmine Bee-Eater bird, which has the most vibrant color combination, the clutches offer a pop of color for formal occasions.

Q Who are other Charleston artisans you love?
The Goldbug Collection is so fun. I love Megan Pinckney’s latest designs for entertaining, the custom-made silk scarves by Paige Thorn, and Snaffle Bit Bracelet Company for fun beaded bracelets. and Hunter Brooks for the best charcoal scrub facial products.

Q You’re hosting this year’s SEWE Birds of a Feather Ladies Brunch. What can we expect, and most importantly, what are you wearing?
I can tell you without any hesitation that in one way or another I will be wearing feathers! The Birds of a Feather Brunch is something I look forward to every year. It’s a wonderful excuse to get dressed up, dance, shop, and have a great time together while raising money for worthwhile causes. Our theme this year is ”Call of The Wild.“ Think lush, verdant surroundings that conjure the beauty of the African jungle.

Q What beauty product is a part of your daily routine?
Mbiri natural skincare line from South Africa: I began using the body wash and lotion about five years ago, and it leaves my skin feeling so soft and clean. The company helps preserve the lives of the last nomadic tribe in Namibia.


Photographs by (scarf) Heather Liebler Photogrpahy, & (Valentino Feather Top) Luisa ViaRoma & Courtesy of (clutch & sandal) Norton & Hodges & (body oil) Mbiri