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Move over shrimp and grits, there are more ways to prepare our prized local shellfish

Move over shrimp and grits, there are more ways to prepare our prized local shellfish
September 2020

Coveted Shrimp Recipes from Six Local Eateries

Pickled Shrimp Toast with Harissa Mayonnaise - The Ordinary

Chef-owner Mike Lata elevates the standard dish with fresh vegetables, nuanced flavors, and a spicy accompaniment

“It's a great dish for entertaining as it is best when made well ahead of time.” —Mike Lata

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Shrimp Burger - Little Jack’s Tavern

Chef John Amato serves up this perennial favorite that embodies the eatery’s simple, classic style 

“It’s a lighter option for those looking for something a little leaner and cleaner, but still as filling and satisfying as a burger.” —John Amato

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Shrimp Nigri - O-Ku

Chef Dung Vo presents quickly chilled shrimp over vinegar-seasoned, pressed rice for the perfect bite

“Serve these nigiri right away—there’s nothing like eating them fresh off the press.” —Dung Vo

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Shrimp Purlieu - Peninsula Grill

Chef Ramon Taimanglo makes shrimp and butter beans the stars in this traditional dish (aka perloo) made with nutty Carolina Gold rice

“I love this dish because I can taste every ingredient—simple and fresh.” —Ramon Taimanglo

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Fried Shrimp Po’ Boy - The Glass Onion

Chef-owner Chris Stewart has kept this simple but satisfying sandwich on the menu since day one

“This sandwich leaves room for one to get creative. Add pickles, peppers, hot sauce—whatever you like. For me, it’s about the simplicity.” —Chris Stewart

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New Orleans-Style BBQ Shrimp - The Royal Tern

Chef David Pell serves this bayou-based dish with plenty of bread for soaking up the rich sauce with a hint of smoke and heat

“This dish is very rich, with a slight smoky sweetness from the Worcestershire and a lingering heat.” —David Pell

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