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Mellow Vibes

Mellow Vibes
March 2019

Why CBD, the “straight-edge cousin” to THC, is finding its way onto menus all over Charleston


One of more than 100 chemical compounds found in cannabis and hemp plants, CBD—short for ”cannabidiol”—purportedly offers all-natural relief for a host of ailments (including inflammation, insomnia, and anxiety). No, CBD won’t get you “high,” as it lacks the psychoactive effects of THC, the main compound in marijuana. Instead, CBD is considered a homeopathic remedy, most effectively administered by dissolving two or three oil drops beneath the tongue. While further research is required to determine the exact medical benefits of CBD, it is legal to grow, sell, and consume the hemp-derived version of the oil in all 50 states. Legislation has allowed local businesses like Charleston Hemp Company to expand their product lines, and with interest booming, the Holy City’s food and beverage establishments have joined the craze.


Millers All Day (120 King St.,

Bar manager Davey Jones never thought his Charleston Hemp Company CBD oil-infused Green Dragon cocktail ($13) would garner the attention that it has, but the drink has become a top-seller since debuting in November. The mix of Pisco, foamy egg white, earthy CBD, and sweet Midori—a melon-flavored Japanese liqueur that also provides the beverage's eye-catching, verdant hue—has won over guests looking for a little extra relaxation with their biscuits and gravy.

Fatty’s Beer Works (1436 Meeting St.,

Fatty’s 710 Smash India Pale Ale ($7.10; 7.5% ABV), contains five milligrams of Charleston Hemp Company CBD oil per 16-ounce pint, which adds grassy notes to the hints of passionfruit already present in the beer’s newly cultivated Strata hops. Fatty’s is the first, and probably not the last, Charleston brewery to introduce CBD to its brewing process. 

Huriyali (401 Huger St.,

Invigorating, locally sourced ingredients are the focus at this veg-forward oasis offering juices, bowls, sandwiches, and coffee. Huriyali recently rolled out the Relaxation wellness shot ($6) that combines cold-pressed daily greens, lemon, turmeric, CBD, and rosemary essential oil. Those seeking a less concentrated dose can add the water-soluble hemp oil to any latte, cold brew, or tea for just $2.50. Then head out back to the garden to sip and unwind. 

Pure Fluff (

This roaming cotton candy cart has been hand-spinning confections since 2015, featuring flavors like confetti cookie, lemon lavender, and salted caramel. Pure Fluff recently launched Full Spectrum Fluff ($18), infused with a food-grade medicinal hemp oil from Colorado. Pro tip: for best potential benefits, let the organic cane sugar cotton candy dissolve in your mouth before swallowing.