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In Memoriam: Remembering late legendary boxing coach Al “Hollywood” Meggett

In Memoriam: Remembering late legendary boxing coach Al “Hollywood” Meggett
January 2022

How the late coach's son is continuing his legacy today

On October 8, legendary boxing coach Al “Hollywood” Meggett, shown here inside the ring with Azeque and Cheo Chandler, passed away at the age of 90. In 1983, the Charleston Boxing Club opened its doors after the city of Charleston gifted a former fire station near the corner of King and Simons streets to Meggett to start public training programs. Meggett volunteered decades of time and passion until his passing, using boxing classes as a way to help get at-risk youth off the street and into a safe space. While the gym is closed for renovations, Allah Meggett, the late coach’s son and head of the club, hopes to continue his father’s mission of improving the lives of children in the community. “He was a servant to the people his entire life,” says Allah, who plans to open a museum on the building’s second floor commemorating his father’s legacy. “Every day his passion was to do something more and get these kids to another level.”

Watch the video tribute to Al Hollywood Meggett by Charleston Boxing Club: