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Host a Perfect Picnic

Host a Perfect Picnic
September 2008
The perfect picnic is one that’s seasonally inspired but not time-consuming, inventive but not tough to transport. Here, find four delicious recipes that fit the bill for all your outdoor adventures

Whether it’s a garden picnic or a tailgate gathering, outdoor dining is a must in our temperate climate. To keep things simple, we came up with four delicious dishes that can be assembled in advance and served at room temperature. Dining in the Great Outdoors Keep these food safety tips in mind, particularly if you’re going further than your own backyard • Perishable foods (like our chicken sandwich) need to be kept cold, as bacteria grows best at temperatures above 40ºF. Pack food in shallow containers, then place in a cooler so that ice surrounds all sides. • Don’t keep leftovers if the food has rested at temperatures above 40ºF for more than two hours. Packing a refrigerator thermometer in the cooler makes it easy to monitor temperatures. • Cover your outdoor spread with cheesecloth or food domes to ward off bacteria-bearing insects. • If you’re eating at a picnic table, pack disposable wipes to clean it of bird droppings and other contaminants. Hand sanitizer is a must if you won’t have access to soap and water.