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Helena Fox

Helena Fox
January 2010
The Swedish-born owner of Helena Fox Fine Art exhibits her most treasured possessions


For Keeps: “My kids wanted to give me something really special, so they saved up and splurged on this Louis Vuitton wallet for me. I promised them I’ll always use it.”


Sweet Talk: “I’m in a family of candy freaks, and these are some of my absolute favorites. Stick me on a desert island with sushi and Swedish candy, and I’ll be fine.”




Urban Legend: “This is a bust of my children’s great grandmother, Baroness Silvercruys. She was said to be the most beautiful woman in Washington, D.C.”


Family Ties: “My grandmother gave my mother this Hermès scarf on her 18th birthday. All three of us collect these scarves. Add one to a T-shirt, jeans, and blazer outfit, and you can go visit with the king!”



Signature Accessory: “I bought this silver cuff in Mexico when I was 17 and have worn it daily since—it was my children’s teething ring.”




Picture of Paradise: “My husband, West Fraser, painted this for me. It’s the beach next to my farm in Costa Rica. I lived there for 12 years, and my children and I spent every day playing in that sand and water.”



Great Escapes: “I love the work of Gabriel García Márquez. The Harry Potter books and Flight 714 are also favorites—they bring back that sense of wonder we seem to lose when we grow up.”


Early Exposure: “I was raised in Europe in a family that has been collecting art for generations. It became part of my soul. I bought my first painting when I was six.”

Nomad’s Land: “I’m a gypsy. I grew up traveling and have lived in six countries. Wherever I put my suitcase is home.”

Ultimate Luxury: “Hanging out with my husband and our four children.”

Off the Map: “My favorite shopping involves getting lost in a foreign city and finding items of great quality and design.”