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Get Juiced!

Get Juiced!
January 2015
Resolving to be healthier this year? Try drinking your fruits and veggies with help from these local producers of nutritious, fresh-pressed juices

Grind & Squeeze
This “weight-loss” juice packs nutritional punch (hello, kale and spinach!) and, with flavorful adds like basil and ginger, tastes great, too. Pre-order only. 357 N. Shelmore Blvd., Mount Pleasant; (843) 606-2857; find them on Facebook

The Juice Joint
A mild and earthy blend of beets, cukes, carrots, and apples, the “Radio Flyer” was a favorite among our taste-testers. Multiple locations, (843) 795-8060,

Pucker up—this pick from a King Street newcomer is made from pure cold-pressed grapefruit juice. It’s super-tart, like a concentrated version of the real fruit. 487 King St., (843) 805-5050,

The Daily
Like OJ? You’ll love this gourmet version—dubbed “Morning Glory”—bolstered by bits of lavender, ginger, and local honey from Kennerty Farms. 652-B King St., (843) 619-0151,

Juicebox Charleston
This juice-delivery service turns out a cashew-milk blend that’s light and sweet with hints of cinnamon.

The easy-to-drink “Rise & Shine” tastes mostly of sweet carrots, though it also contains oranges, apples, and lemon juice. 209 Meeting St., (843) 628-5954,

Huriyali Juices
Huriyali’s pushcart is a fixture at farmers markets, and its juices—including the “Tasty Tang,” made with grapefruit, beets, mint, and more—are made with produce grown locally and regionally. (843) 901-6307,

Blue Barn
Find the refreshing “Mojo,” a zingy puree of pineapple, apple, and mint, at one of Blue Barn’s unique juice-vending machines. Locations vary, (843) 471-0627,