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Gardening: February 2018

Gardening: February 2018
February 2018

What’s happening this month?

Ask an Expert: I’d like to give my loved one a less-expected Valentine’s Day bouquet. Do you have any suggestions?

“Yes, create an arrangement of flowers based upon their meaning. You could include ➊ yellow chrysanthemum, which means ‘precious one;’ ➋ sweet pea for gratitude; ➌ pink amaryllis to signify pride; and ivy, symbolizing faithfulness. And why not throw in a little phlox for harmony? Just be sure to pass on the narcissus, which could be interpreted as ‘selfishness.’” 

Gardening Tip: February’s the month to show your roses some love. Inspect repeat blooming floribunda and hybrid tea roses for swelling buds that are just starting to break dormancy—this is your cue that these shrubs are ready for a heavy prune. Hold off on annual bloomers, however; they will need to be pruned after flowering. As always, be sure to remove the “three Ds”: dead, diseased, and damaged wood.

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February 12

CHS Lecture Series
Known for her enthusiastic, conversational, and info-packed presentations, garden writer and photographer Pam Beck speaks at Charleston Horticultural Society’s February event. The Charleston Museum, 360 Meeting St. Monday, 6:30 p.m. $10; free for member.

February 13

Tasty Tea Blends
Liz Firestone of Crescent Moon Apothecary teaches attendees of the South Carolina Herbal Society’s monthly meeting to make flavorful tea blends. Charleston Horticultural Society Educational Center, 46 Windermere Blvd. Tuesday, 6-7:30 p.m. $10; free for member.

February 17

Fresh Future Farm Workday
Pick up tips from Master Gardener Germaine Jenkins as you volunteer on her nonprofit farm. Fresh Future Farm, 2008 Success St., North Charleston. Saturday, 9 a.m-noon. Free.