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Fresh From the Market

Fresh From the Market
March 2014
Veggie-scented Produce Candles from the folks behind Rewined will be ready to pick this month 

At an industrial building on upper Meeting Street, you’ll find an Astroturf-covered front door emitting sweet fragrances from the waxy warehouse within. Home to Charleston-based Rewined Candles, the place is filled with the smell of their popular wine-scented wares along with music and laughter from 40-plus employees. 

Since launching the business out of owner Adam Fetsch’s garage in 2009, Rewined has gone from selling its handmade products at the City Market and Charleston Farmers Market to being carried in more than 1,000 stores worldwide, including 60 international locations. “In the last two years, it’s been a crazy amount of growth,” says creative director Beau Burdette.

This spring, the company will be growing even more with a new brand—Produce Candles—inspired by area farmers markets’ offerings. The seven core fragrances include sweet, earthy, and spicy scents such as carrot, kale, and radish. Three additional scents will be offered each season: snap pea and cilantro in the spring, corn and peach in summer, for example. 

 The challenge was staying true to each produce item while still creating a fragrance you’d want in your home, says Burdette, who’s heading up the new brand. “Making a corn and a mushroom candle—the big guys would say ‘You’re crazy.’ Yes we are—candle crazy,” he notes. “That’s why we’re so passionate about it: we can be a little crazy, go out on a limb and do things differently.”