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Craft a silver leaf wreath

Craft a silver leaf wreath
December 2008
Besides a silky ribbon, no adornment is needed for this luxuriously simple wreath made from shimmery tree leaves

click here to download the instructions (adobe pdf) Materials: Five branches of silver tree leaves, 18" square floral foam wreath form or dried wreath form, floral adhesive, pruning shears, scissors, floral U-pins, and approximately three yards of ribbon   “There’s no need to soak the floral foam in water before attaching the tree branches,” says floral stylist Lisa Thomas of Out of Hand. “Instead, you can keep leaves looking fresh with regular misting. Hung out of direct sunlight, the wreath should last two weeks or longer.” Step 1: Gently strip leaves off one of the branches. You’ll need these leaves to create a flat cover over the inner edges of the form.  Step 2: Use floral adhesive to glue leaves along the inside of each of the form’s edges, creating two rows so entire surface is covered.   Step 3: Lay a branch of leaves on the top of form so that any bare branch hangs off the end. Use pruning shears to clip off the overhanging branch.   Step 4: Pull back leaves so that branch is visible, then push a U-pin over the top of branch and into the floral foam, securing tightly. Insert at least three U-pins along length of the branch.  Step 5: To cover the second side of form, position another branch that starts at the corner where first branch ended (you’ll want leaves to face in a continuing direction all the way around wreath). Pin in place and repeat to cover other two sides of the form. Step 6: Decide where you want to display your wreath and the length of the ribbon you want to attach. Cut ribbon to size. Loop ribbon around one side of the wreath and tie it in a bow at the top.