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January 2010
The noted authors, writers, and poets who penned our feature "Odes to the Lowcountry"

William P. Baldwin
(“Shrimp”) is an award-winning novelist and biographer who ran a shrimp boat in McClellanville for nine years.

Senior editor Melissa Bigner (“Rainstorms”) says she could write odes to the city till the end of her days.

Cookbook author Nathalie Dupree (“Broken Doorbells”) lives on Queen Street with her husband, historian Jack Bass.

Bessie Gantt (“Boiled Peanuts" ) grew up on the Isle of Palms
reveling in pluff mud, cast nets, and boiled peanuts.

Charleston native Barbara G.S. Hagerty (“A Sensory Feast”) is a poet and essayist whose chapbook The Guest House was published last year.

Josephine Humphreys (“Muscadines”) is a Charleston novelist whose most recent book is Nowhere Else on Earth.

Contributing editor Stephanie Hunt (“Secret Places”) writes essays and features for many regional magazines.

Travel editor Sandy Lang (“Life by Tides”) is currently working on a book of scenic drives in South Carolina.

Jack A. McCray (“Jazz”) is cofounder of Jazz Artists of Charleston and the Charleston Jazz Initiative.

Roger Pinckne (“Hoo-doo, Herbs, & Horns”) penned the novel Reefer Moon, which was recently optioned for film.

Poet and bookstore owner Jonathan Sanchez (“The Charleston Accent") lives downtown with his wife and daughter.

S.C. Poet Laureate Marjory Wentworth (“The Friendliest City”) has a third collection of poems due out this spring.




Filmmaker Peter Wentworth (“Backcountry Roads”) produced the film Other Voices, Other Rooms in the Lowcountry.