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Callie’s Pimiento

Callie’s Pimiento
December 2010
Pimiento Cheese

When it comes to quintessential Southern fare, “it was my grandmother’s recipe” usually bodes well—especially when you’re chatting pimiento cheese with Carrie Morey, who co-owns Callie’s Charleston Biscuits with her mother and catering maven, Callie White. Always a hit at parties, the family’s handmade spread finally went retail last summer and is now available at Caviar & Bananas, The Wine Shop, Newton Farms, and all Mount Pleasant Piggly Wiggly locations. Their secret to success: “We keep it simple and don’t mix it too much—you can still see the strands of cheese,” says Morey. Keep an eye out for their brand-new “fiery” version. (843) 577-1198,