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Burger: Husk Restaurant

Burger: Husk Restaurant
December 2014

The basic idea was to create a bacon-cheeseburger with bacon that didn’t fly out of the bun when you took a bite. It’s pretty genius: chef Sean Brock’s recipe (shared in his new book, Heritage) includes Benton’s bacon built right into the patties (along with ground chuck and steak). Cooked on very hot cast iron, with onions and melty American cheese added in the final seconds, the patties are then set on buttered, toasted buns with plenty of pickles. It’s all messy and damn good. You’ll need a meat grinder (or the help of a good butcher) to make these in your own kitchen. Even easier, sidle up to the bar in Husk’s separate single house-turned-handsome tavern and order a bourbon, too. 76 Queen St., (843) 577-2500,

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