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Bev Seinsheimer

Bev Seinsheimer
May 2010
This devoted community volunteer and longtime arts enthusiast shares some beloved pieces, plus tips on style, entertaining, and the value of silence


Orange Crush: “I got this at the recent Spoleto ‘La Dolce Vita’ auction. It came from Phyllis on King Street and is perfect for a Kentucky Derby party. I love hats, so I couldn’t resist.”



Kindled Spirit: “I love to read, so I can’t live without my Kindle. The fact that I can carry a dozen books around with me everywhere is like magic.”





Picture of Health: “This painting by local Frank Peabody depicts the ‘Go Red for Women’ dress that the American Heart Association uses in its campaign. I spend the winter helping to organize MUSC’s Women’s Heart Health Symposium, which takes place every April.”





Pom Power: “I love these chocolate-covered pomegranate seeds. We actually served them at the Heart Health Symposium because they are good for your heart!”



Charmed History: “My husband has received a button for every year he’s served as a Spoleto board member. Last Christmas, he had Buckar make 11 of them into a bracelet for me.”





Fancy Feet: “You have to have some big-girl high heels that you can dance the night away in! These Jimmy Choos from Bob Ellis are really comfortable.”





Taste in Art: “Wally and I collect contemporary art. I love that it’s unpredictable and full of serendipity. This piece that Jonpaul Smith made from woven snack packs is my favorite.”



Great Divide: “Local artist Kat Hastie created this screen in the late ’90s. It appeals to me because it includes a lot of colors, but they are very subtle.”


Time Share: “I volunteer at Charleston Development Academy Public Charter School, where I sponsor 20 girls, taking them to plays, restaurants, and community events.”

Advice: “Be adventurous. Take it up a level. Let loose!”

Listen Up: “I just read Listening Below the Noise, which is about the importance of quiet in life.”

Entertaining Tips: “A dinner party is really about artistic design. I like for the table décor to complement the menu. Good lighting and room to dance are also musts.”