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Bert’s Market

Bert’s Market
June 2019

Folly Beach Eats

Two blocks from the beach and open 24-7, this island hub has everything from paninis to produce, boiled peanuts, and local brews.

We May Doze But We Never Close” reads a stack of bumper stickers at the checkout counter of Bert’s, an island mainstay that many would agree is the very pulse of Folly Beach. True to its motto, Bert’s doors remain open 24-7, even during approaching storms like last year’s Hurricane Florence. Folks park their bikes, golf carts, and skateboards out front, then line up in beach-going attire (shoes optional) to purchase everything from boogie boards to fine wines, surf wax to organic smoothies, plus hot boiled peanuts, paninis, fresh produce, and craft sodas. Brewed coffee is free (always), and late-night piping hot barbecue sandwiches a saving grace for many. There’s even a six-tap growler station for to-go jugs of PBR or local brews. Although Bert Hastings officially retired, his likeness dominates the sidewall mural, so you might recognize him when he drops in to check up on the neighborhood market he sold to his daughter and son-in-law.

(Far right) Bert’s son-in-law, co-owner Omar Colon.

Open daily, all day, all night. 202 E. Ashley Ave., (843) 588-9449,