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A Lowcountry Survival Guide

A Lowcountry Survival Guide
June 2011
Last summer was Charleston’s hottest on record—at least since 1938, when temperatures were first regularly monitored.

With another steamy season ahead, you’ve got two choices to survive the swelter: revel in it or get the heck out of Dodge. We’ve got you covered on both counts in this school’s out, pools are open, grills and sidewalks are sizzling guide. Read on to find the best beaches for all kinds of activities, top spots to chill, the new icy treats, hot cookout gear, and two cool getaways. With these ideas in tow, you’ll have it made in the shade



The Best Beaches to...
Part of the glory of living in the Lowcountry is our quick-fix proximity to miles upon miles of shoreline. Logging beach time is a prerequisite of summer, so read on for a list of ideal sandy spots for your activity of choice



Dive In!
Make a splash at these area swimming holes and water-sport spots



Cool Getaway: Asheville, North Carolina
Escape to this Western North Carolina gem for the best of what’s new in town, including novel restaurants, amusing entertainment, and an urban-chic place to lay your head



Shady Adventures
You know summer’s in full swing when you avoid the sunny side of the street and instead leap frog from shady spot to spot while strolling downtown. For those looking to escape the asphalt altogether, here are a few made-in-the-shade outings



Grill It
Turn up the heat on your backyard cookouts with these culinary gizmos and tools of the trade



Cold Comfort
A fresh crop of cool operators have hit the local sweet treat scene, just in time for summer



Cool Getaway: Penobscot Bay, Maine
Maine’s gleaming Midcoast offers a Rockwellian summer respite with its lineup of breezy fishing villages, bustling harbors, towering lighthouses, and simple coastal comforts