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Eye Level Art

March 2012
When Kristy Bishop traded her paintbrush for needle and thread, she unbound the abstract artist within

November 2011
Assemblage artist Hirona Matsuda pieces together her past

March 2011
A 1950s fashion illustrator captured an American style era

The Lowcountry, with its devil-may-care spirit of island life, has evolved into a hotbed of jam-band activity, where...

November 2010
You don’t have to wait ’til February’s big bash to get a taste of the blues. The Lowcountry boasts a revolving cast of...

August 2010
Brian Bustos takes on life with an intrepid imagination

February 2010
Street Foods’ mobile kitchen travels all over town to serve up authentic international fare

November 2009
Performance Artist

May 2009
Longtime collector Terry Fox fills his Stono River condo with eclectic works by favorite artists and friends