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City Gallery at Waterfront Park

August 2020
For the past quarter-century, the Halsey director and chief curator has taken chances, championing the odd and...

January 2020
Meet the master of atmosphere and light before her City Gallery exhibit this month

October 2019
Mary Whyte’s latest work showcases veterans from 50 states

May 2018
Charleston’s growth has been a boon for, and in part driven by, its creative community. The return of festival season...

May 2017
Activism, art, and a flood of urgency inform and awaken the work of Mary Edna Fraser

May 2016
With four-month-old contemporary art gallery The Southern, Erin and Justin Nathanson are pioneering new territory in...

November 2015
For prolific artist Richard ''Duke'' Hagerty, a four-decade retrospective of his wild surrealist paintings is just...

May 2013
Meet Scott Watson, the new leader of the Office of Cultural Affairs, and learn what the regime change means for banking...

October 2012
William McCullough seeks to paint true images of his homeland

November 2011
Assemblage artist Hirona Matsuda pieces together her past

November 2010
Charleston has a constantly shifting musical landscape with plenty of artists who are unafraid to stretch their...

November 2010
Begin the Begin: Painter Tim Hussey’s mid-career retrospective

September 2010
Material Girl: Karin Olah makes the cut with fabric and fresh inspiration

May 2010
Celebrate the dynamic artists of the Southeast

May 2010
Creative Jolt: The dynamic and high-energy world of sculptor Jonathan Brilliant

November 2008
Kristi Ryba explores gender roles using vintage dolls