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A Better Pour

A Better Pour
December 2016
The local invention helping redefine boxed wine

If you pay any attention to wine trends (or liquor store shelves), you know boxed vino has gone far beyond the Franzias of yore. ”A lot of bottled wines now also come in three-liter casks,” notes Charleston native Tripp Middleton. ”You get the same quality for a lower price, and the packaging keeps the wine fresh for six weeks.” Plus, bag-in-box wines are easier on the environment—but not always easy on the eyes.

That led Middleton to invent Boxxle, a sleek dispenser that’s been picked up by retailers including The Sharper Image, Brookstone, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Target and that is already sold in Europe and South America. Not only does it look handsome on your counter, but it pours most every ounce of wine out of the bag—no squishing and squeezing required.