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Stratton Lawrence

September 2023
His all-covers album blends traditional Irish sounds and bluegrass for his own take on familiar songs

August 2023
The Ridgeville native recently returned to thank the high school cafeteria worker who helped launch his career

June 2023
Discover a range of places to jam, from stadiums to some of our favorite joints

May 2023
The six-piece soul band releases “Stay” with a show at The Royal American on May 27

April 2023
The singer-songwriter and his band headline The Windjammer on April 14

January 2023
It’s the first release from her home studio and record label, Red Lion

December 2022
Lureto’s first EP, ”A Peak from the Crow's Nest,” captures the joy of the jam

November 2022
Learn how Nice Commerce sets itself apart from old-school box-and-send distributors

November 2022
James shares how growing up in Mount Pleasant's Four Mile community has influenced her career and her goals for CCL

October 2022
Work on a 44-acre park is expected to get underway next year

October 2022
The former College of Charleston tennis player will be the pickleball pro at Pickle Bar in Nexton, expected to open...

September 2022
Find out how Ben Towill and Charlie Layton are training for the two-month Talisker Atlantc Challenge endurance race

August 2022
Island Brands has grown to a $117-million company in five years

July 2022
Find out how Carney and his wife, singer Michelle Branch, fell in love with Charleston

March 2022
Revisit the Farm’s beginnings as a renegade club, the countless bands who struck a chord there, and many rocking good...

March 2022
Read our review and watch a video of the duo sing one of their single “Bleed Me”

October 2021
Find out what why it’s significant

October 2021
Why the synthwave band has the pieces needed for “wild success”

March 2021
Feeling cooped up from quarantine? It’s the perfect season to get outside and enjoy nature

March 2021
Find out how the Charleston native's sound came to life

October 2019
Charleston Woodlands balances habitat protection with public events

September 2019
GOLFTEC diagnoses bad habits to shave strokes off your round