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Style Q & A: Tom Mauldin

Style Q & A: Tom Mauldin
November 2016
Catching up with the founder of HookNHide Belts, a local biz making belt buckles that are shaped like fish—from bull dolphin to rainbow trout—and function as bottle openers

Q: What’s new for HookNHide?
I’ve been dedicating a large amount of my time to designing new concepts for the collections we anticipate releasing in the next year as well as to improving existing items. Most recently, I redesigned our redfish belt buckle [$100], incorporating multiple spots onto its tail end, like you’d find on a really lucky catch.

Q: For foul-weather fishing, what’s an essential clothing item?
My waterproof Arc’teryx ”Beta SV” jacket. It’s designed to be comfortable for any outdoor activity and doesn’t take up much storage space on the boat.

Q: Coveting any new fall footwear?
A pair of Blundstone boots; they’re super comfortable and you can wear them with slacks to a party or with jeans out in the field.

Q: What’s your must-have grooming product?
A: In and out of the water, Headhunter SPF 30 Lifestyle Surf & Sport sunscreen. It holds up well when I’m surfing or diving and doesn’t bleed from heavy perspiration in warmer conditions.

Q: Tell us your fishing gear of choice.
When fishing inshore, I use the Tibor reel by Ted Juracsik; it has a robust drag system that’ll stand up to almost any fish in the deltas or backcountry. And Sage’s SALT Series fly rods have a stout backbone but are smooth to cast.

Q: Name your favorite fishing destinations.
I enjoy fishing the deltas and oil rigs of Venice, Louisiana. And of all the techniques in the world of fishing, I favor live-baiting sailfish on the kite along the beautiful reef edge of the Florida Keys.