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Rancho Lewis’s Hatch Green Chile Frozen Margarita

August 2022
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1 cup of crushed ice, divided
2 oz. tequila, preferably 100% Agave like Lunazul Blanc
3/4 oz. lime juice, preferably fresh squeezed 
3/4 oz. agave simple syrup (100% agave syrup diluted with 1:1 hot water, chilled)
1 oz. Hatch green chile puree  


Refrigerate all ingredients (except ice) at least one hour before making the cocktail, cold ingredients will blend better. If using large cubes of ice, place in a clean kitchen towel and break into smaller pieces. 

Add half the ice to the blender, pulse to crush. Add the remaining ingredients, except ice, and blend until smooth. Add remaining ice, a little at a time, until desired thickness. 

Pour into a chilled rock glass or margarita goblet with a salt rim. Garnish with a lime wheel.