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Ian Farley, Prohibition A riff on a classic stirred martini, “Double-Breasted” tastes smooth and silky, but leaves the oaky complexity of the barrel-soaked Reposado unobscured. “It’s a posh way to take a shot,” says Prohibition’s Ian Farley. Cut with Scrappy’s lime and chocolate bitters—small batches special-ordered from Seattle—and sweetened with raw agave, the concoction is “accessible for someone who doesn’t usually like tequila,” he explains. Emphasizing the drink’s unisex appeal, the Charleston native sought out a name that conveyed style and versatility. Enter “Double-Breasted,” an ode to a sophisticated suit and its recent revival.    
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2 oz. Herradura Reposado tequila
1/2 oz. agave syrup
7 dashes Scrappy’s lime bitters
2 dashes Scrappy’s chocolate bitters
Chocolate whiskey-soaked cherries for garnish



Add first four ingredients to a mixing glass and stir for 90 seconds. Pour into a martini glass and garnish with chocolate whiskey-soaked cherries.