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August 2020
You might be surprised that some of your favorites are on the list

July 2020
Keep your avian neighbors in fine feather with a cool splash spot

April 2020
Post your own photos using the hashtag #wisteriahysteria

March 2020
Clemson University’s Cooperative Extension shares tips and plans for easing flooding and erosion in local landscapes.

April 2019
Susan and Gene Massamillo’s downtown garden was designed to transport them—and their many guests—to lush landscapes...

March 2019
What's happening this month?

September 2015
Plan for a colorful spring by planting perennials this autumn

August 2015
Add dramatic blooms and foliage to your landscape with easy breezy perennials

July 2015
Embrace the steamy season with vibrant blooms

February 2015
Fall for this stunning shrub with pretty blooms and heart-shaped leaves  

Add a pop of tropical color with this blooming evergreen shrub  

September 2013
Growing as shrubs and trees, pomegranates make for a beautiful and fruitful transition from summer to fall

August 2013
Blanket your garden in Helianthus debilis for an ocean of cheery blooms

November 2011
These winter bloomers go sunny side up as temperatures dip