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Win-Win Is In

Win-Win Is In
March 2012
Lulan’s Eve Blossom writes of forging change through design

Design is a legitimate way to change the world,” writes Eve Blossom in her first book, Material Change: Design Thinking and the Social Entrepreneurship Movement, released last October.

To prove it, she takes readers on an eye-opening journey halfway around the world, starting right here in Charleston.

In 2004, Blossom opened King Street’s Lulan Artisans, a textile design and production company built around ecological, economic, and social sustainability. The business partners with more than 650 weavers, dyers, spinners, and finishers in Southeast Asia, profoundly improving their quality of life through fair labor and creating “impact loops” estimated to be as large as 20,000 people, for example those affected by a reduction in human trafficking.

Seeking to inspire others toward social entrepreneurship, Material Change intertwines Blossom’s personal experiences with stories of inspiring people she has met during her travels. Beautiful photos invite you to view the artisans at work, presenting an illuminating portrait of a collaborative revolution sweeping the planet.

“Everything in business is changing—how we design our supply chain, how we design products that are recyclable, the entire idea of what materials we use to begin with,” explains Blossom, noting that this has empowered individuals and grassroots groups, leading to a wide-reaching understanding that building community is essential to building stable livelihoods. “This is a movement, and it’s here to stay,” she concludes. Check for a spring book signing to be announced.